Puffs Mega

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Puffs Mega | 1000 Fruity Puffs 4.2ML

The Puffs Mega is a portable, disposable device like a Puff Bar but better and in a wide lineup of flavors


Whether you’re looking for a zesty, citrusy punch or something more tropical and icy, we have a flavor for everyone. Enjoy the rich flavors unfold with every puff and the sensory stimulation their aroma brings to the experience. The Puffs Mega is the perfect portable option if you want to break free from the hasslesof recharging and maintenance of the device. Just grab one of these, puff, and dispose of when done. Easy-Peasy!


A whopping 1000 puffs to satisfy your cravings!


650mAh battery
Pre-charged; simply puff to activate
Up to 1000 puffs per disposable
Compact, lightweight & portable