Legal Status of CBD & Hemp

CBD and hemp-based products have blown up tremendously over the past couple of years. Market experts predict that the market growth for CBD and hemp-based products will rise to 22 billion by 2020. 

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CBD and The Endocannabanoid System

CBD – Is It Natural?   CBD (cannabidiol) is this year’s cryptocurrency, not merely for the fact that it resembles an almost blockchain-like channel into the body’s systems, but because there now seems to be an infinite amount of information cropping up from all over the internet on how it works and if it’s worth investing in despite the hype.   Some people believe that CBD has the power to revolutionise natural medicine and provide a safe alternative to pharmaceutical medications, whilst others believe that not enough long-term research has been done, and those who look to CBD and hemp-derived products should err on the side of caution.   It’s difficult to see the truth through the hype and countless...

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