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PuffCo Peak Pro

PuffCo Peak Pro

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PuffCo Peak Pro | The Future Of Dabbing


Hit the peak with the PuffCo Peak Pro!


This isn’t like anything you’ve experienced before. We lay bare the future of dabbing! A device that looks like a tiny bong in the palm of your hand, has an improved atomizer, faster heating(30s), and a giant bowl. 


That’s not all. With the PuffCo Peak Pro, everything is big, and the battery of all is no exception. Recharges fast and drains out slow - just what a vape lover truly values. 


It’s fitted with an intelligent temperature sensor in the chamber to ensure the dab experience is controlled down to the exact temperature. This brings micro-adjustments to the game, delivering an impeccable concentrate at just the right temp &consistency.  

Like every other futurist vaporizer, the PuffCo Peak Pro too has a dedicated app that allows you to adjust the temperature, check the battery status, customize the colors, and above all, keep track of how many dabs you have done, both today & over the lifetime of the device (isn’t it AWESOME?!)


Slicker matte finish that isn’t a fingerprint-magnet
Can handle large loads
Equipped with carb cap for even distribution of heat
USB Rechargeable – battery lasts about 25-30 sessions
Shock-proof carrying case with magnets
Size: 6.96” x 2.75”
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