Vaporizer of 2020

Vaporizer of 2020

Dec 06, 2019Daniel Coburn

Welcome to the world of vaping! 

Whether you’re in it out of sheer curiosity or you wish to quit smoking, there is no denying the beauty and eccentricity that vaping gives. It might not seem complex, but there is, in fact, a lot of things you need to know before you take a puff. 

So before you do, let us hand you a quick guide to get you started. 

In vaping, the main components required are your vaporizers, herbs, wax and oils and e-juices. There are numerous options to choose from and you should take your time doing so. While there are essentially three types of vaporizers – desktop, pen and portable- it all boils down to convenience. 

Vaping pens are the most recent forms of vaporizers and they allow you to vape wherever you go. While portable vaporizers share that aspect, the size of such makes it harder for you to bring. Well, if you had a bag or pouch, they could be carried around, but vaping pens takes this to a whole new level. 

Smaller, sleeker, vaping pens easily fit into the palm of your hand. You can carry them around or slide them into your pocket. This makes them the perfect carry on as they blend in almost anywhere. 

With the different makes and models popping up though, it can be hard to distinguish what is best for your different juices and what would best suit you, so we’ve gathered Intel on the top vape pens in the market for you to have a list of vaporizers to add to your queue. 

Vaporizer of 2020

1 Smok Novo $29.99

Sporting a 450 mAh rechargeable battery, 2mL refillable pods, and a mesh and ceramic coil, the Smok Nova has a sleek handy marker-like design. A 16W Pod System, it is perfect for direct lung vaping or long-term cigarette smokers who look for a strong kick out of their smokes. 

Travel-friendly and easy to use, you can take it wherever you go. With an additional charging cable, you can easily connect it to power banks, charging ports and more. Pods are also conveniently refillable and have a tight rubber cap that keeps the liquids sealed.

2 Smok Nord $34.99

Smok brand, the Nord version shares many similarities to the Novo vaporizer. Aside from its extended pod capacity which can hold up to 3mL of e-juice, it has longer battery life. Its 1100 mAh rechargeable battery makes for longer vape times. In addition to this, this design features two different types of coils which make it perfect for both mouth to lung and direct lung vapers alike. 

3 Zero Kit $30.00

Zero Kit seems like a jumbo-sized flash port on the outside. This gives it a discrete and modest look. However, don’t let this fool you as this vaporizer is one of the top models in the market. Although its battery capacity is slightly above that of Smok Novo’s with 650 mAh the mod -being quite smaller than others- can only hold up to 1.6 mL of E-Juice at a time. one starter kit you are provided with an extra 10 mL e-juice refilling bottle for you to take on the go. This makes it easier for you to enjoy your vape without carrying large e-juice containers around all the time. 

4 Sourin Air Plus $34.99

Praised for it's sleek, sexy, credit-card like design, the Sourin Air Plus comes with and additional pod for you to use alternative or to set aside for future use. The latest addition to the ‘Air’ Line up, it features a longer battery life as well as a coil designed for mouth to lung use. 

Its 950 mAh battery was created to fit snuggly into its card-like exterior making it easy to keep. Ambiguous in nature, it is perfect for individuals who like to keep their vapes in their pockets. 

5 Puff Bar  $9.99

Tired of carrying and cleaning your vaporizers all the time?


If so, the Puff Bar is exactly what you need.


Unlike other Vaporizers, the puff bar is a disposable commodity that requires no refills and absolutely no maintenance. While it only holds 1.3 mL of prefilled nicotine salt eliquid it does have an easy-to-carry design which is comparable to that of a gum stick.


With a majority of tropical and menthol flavors to choose from, you won’t have to worry about boring yourself out with just one vape juice. While you can’t incorporate your own flavor, there are 20 for you to test out.

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