What’s new at Coughy This Week - June Week 4

What’s new at Coughy This Week - June Week 4

Jun 26, 2021Mike Martinez

What’s new at Coughy This Week - JUNE WEEK 4


Fully Activated CBD Tattoo After Care is back!

Fully Activated is definitely our favorite CBD brand. We have a personal relationship with the companies founder and have toured their facility. They put great care into their research and products and it shows! Fully Activated CBD Tattoo After Care isn’t just CBD. It also includes: 

Olive oil, coconut oil, comfrey, calendula, chamomile, lavender, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera gel, honey, arnica oil, beeswax, CBD distillate (derived from Colorado-grown hemp).

A great blend of herbs and oils to help protect and heal your art work!



Disposable devices have become much more popular in the vaping industry and CBD is no exception. They cost a little more than reusable devices, but tend to be a lot easier to deal with and zero maintenance. Wild hemp recently released a device packing 500mg AND it’s using a Smok battery so we know it’s reliable! We currently have 




We all know how important reviews are when it comes to shopping now a days. Who buys a product without checking the reviews, it’s a great way to get feedback from other customers and see if a product is going to fit your needs. The problem with reviews is that retailers have caught on that reviews sell products and there tend to be a lot more fake reviews now a days. At Coughy, we believe in genuine reviews and real customer feedback - be it good or bad, it’s how we improve! That being said, we have implemented a review system on the site. We encourage customers to leave honest feedback on the products and service they received. We truly appreciate you taking the time to leave reviews!


Stay tuned for weekly updates!


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