Nov 25, 2019Mike Martinez
Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 8 PM – 11 PM
Doors at 7:00pm
Front Room

All ages show. Check entry requirements at

Long ago, in a divey karaoke bar, four dudes found themselves trading awesomeness on the mic. Like a battle with no losers, they jammed jam after jam. While saps tried to impress with ballads and rock anthems, these four stuck to the Hip Hop classics and the place begged for more.

Between at-bats, the four sketched a lot of songs that would kill at karaoke, and one asked, "Hey! Why don't we start a band and play this stuff live?" The challenge was that each of these four were heavily involved in other bands, and none had the time.

A decade passed, and suddenly the four dudes found themselves with a bit more time. Like Donkey Kong, it was on. From Section 8, MoSynth, Swagger Wagon, Flannel Channel, willis?, and many more recognizable side projects was born, dare we say, a super group?

We present your new favorite Old Skool Hip Hop band: Lancaster Ghettoblaster - laying down the best Hip Hop of the 2000's and before...better than you remember!

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