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    Who is Aj The Dread?

         My name is Aj The Dread. Born Anthony R. Jones II Omaha, NE. My influences consist of. Eric B. & Rakim. Special Ed, NAs, Busta Rhymes, Biggie and a few others. I enjoy exerting all of my energy into every single stage performance. The goal in music for me is to express my full potential with a joyful clean attitude. This is often confused as a joke, there is no joke. I take the craft serious.

         I enjoy seeing people move and have a good time. I wouldn’t call it “Swagg” because honestly I really do not like that word, but my approach is more than just a one styled closed rapper. I consider myself to be an “outside the box performer” The songs that I write, I picture how the crowd will react to, not only what I am saying but the way I say it and how my presence is on stage. I love to interact with people and make them enjoy themselves even if they don’t want to. Mixing the elements of delivering pristine hip hot lyrics while injecting a “move your body” twist on it is the way to go. I love the feedback I get from the people.


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